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Thanks to the hard work of Northern Wisconsin snowmobile clubs and volunteers and our proximity to the trail system, you'll have access to the network of professionally groomed trails - more than 1600 miles . These trails traverse a magnificent natural environment that includes 1,300 glacial lakes and 233,000 acres of public forest land. This, combined with our 65-inch annual average snowfall, makes for some of the Midwest's best sledding.

Take off in any direction to sled on spacious and well-marked routes across forests and frozen lakes. The locale features a number of trail side pit stops, as well. Step inside and enjoy the atmosphere, but please be responsible. Don't drink and drive.

Area trail maps are available at numerous busineeses and area chambers of commerce can be mail them to you upon your request.

Area Snowmobile Clubs

Forest Riders Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 1161
Minocqua, WI 54548 

Come ride away from the crowds on 190 miles of Bombadier-groomed trails, extending to the Willow Flowage and Price County. Food and gas are available throughout the trail system.

Cross Country Cruisers Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 733
Woodruff, WI 54568

Maintaining 135 miles of scenic and well-groomed trails throughout the Arbor Vitae, Woodruff and Minocqua area. Memberships are $30 for families.   
New Tom Sno-Fleas Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 45
Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539

Maintaining extensive snowmobile trails south of Minocqua. Lake Tomahawk is the center for going north, south, east or west. We are known for keeping our trails in great condition.

Area Snowmobile Museum

Snowmobile Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 720
8481 Hwy 70 W at Sled World Blvd
St. Germain, WI  54558
715-542-4477 Fax

Wisconsin Snowmobile Registration

Wisconsin law requires those who use Wisconsin snowmobile trails to display either Wisconsin registration or a non-resident snowmobile trail use sticker.

Snowmobiles bearing Wisconsin registration are not required to have a non-resident trail pass, even if the owner is from out of state. A two-year Wisconsin registration is $30, compared to trail use stickers, which cost $18 each. Due to the formula used to transfer gas tax revenue to the state snowmobile fund, approximately twice as much money is generated from a two-year registration as is with two trail passes. The state snowmobile fund helps local clubs conduct necessary grooming and trail maintenance. By having Wisconsin registration instead of a trail pass, you not only save $3 per year, but you also contribute more money to the state fund.

Having a Wisconsin registration on your snowmobile in addition to your home state's registration is legal. You do not need a Wisconsin address; your home address can be used for a Wisconsin registration.

Non-resident trail passes may be purchased at any business that sells state licenses, such as sport and tackle shops, or at the local DNR stations in Woodruff (Hwy. J / 715-356-5211) or Boulder Junction (Hwy. M / 715-385-2727).

Wisconsin registration applications can be obtained at any DNR office, from snowmobile dealers or can be printed online from the WDNR snowmobiling website. Once you have a Wisconsin registration, it can also be renewed online.